Lee Nelsons Well Funny People
Starts 10pm March 14th, BBC3

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Lee Nelson’s Well Funny People

My brand new TV show is Lee Nelson’s Well Funny People;
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You get to see me on my estate and meet a load of other well funny people like Dr Bob, Jason Bent, Gangster Headmaster, DJ Sick Choonz, the M21 gang, Police Officer Haynes and loads more.

It’s 100% qwaliteeeee!!!!

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Lee Nelson

Lee Nelson

“All right you bunch of legends i got some qwaliteeeee news…

Lee Nelson is back!!!

But this time I ain’t in no BBC studio, I’m taking all of yous on to my south London estate to check out life with my missus Amber, my little boy Stairwell and my step brother Damo.”

See more of Lee Nelson Here

Doctor Bob

Doctor Bob

“Hello there readers, Dr Bob here, presenter of ‘Hopsital Life’ and ‘Life Begins With Dr Bob’.

Well after a record 400 patient malpractice complaints and 23 unexplained deaths I’ve decided to leave hospital and set my own GP surgery.


See more of Dr Bob here

Jason Bent

Jason Bent

“Want to get exclusive access to a Premier League football club?

Then watch “Jason Bent - More Bent Than Ever” as the cameras follow me, my teammates and my manager 24/7.

I sleep with my teammate’s wife, bet on our matches and discover one of my teammates is gay.

I’m on 200 grand a week so I don’t give a toss if you watch it or not.”

Watch more of Jason Bent here

Gary Sedgemore

Gary Sedgemore


I can’t believe I’m doing this, I’m just me. I’m just Gary.

You probably recognise me from the hit reality TV show ‘The Only Way Is Macclesfield’ well now I’ve got my own spin off show ‘OMG! LOL! FYI! Its Gary!!!!!

I’m sooooooo excited! It’s going to be amazeballs!”

DJ Sick Choonz

DJ Sick Choonz

“I play the sickest tunes, with the illest beats, coz I’m a DJ that spins mad tunes for bare people in nuf nightclubs.

My equipment is the best that money can buy.

Mummy bought it all for me. I suppose only thing i’m not that great at is the Djing bit.


M21 Gang

M21 Gang

“I’m the leader of the Manchester M21 gang aka The Manchester Mental Heads aka The Manchester Mad Dogs.

We just don’t care.

We smash things up, we loot, we rob.

And d’you know why? Coz we’re so fucking bored!!!

Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Gangster Headmaster

Gangster Headmaster

“Now listen up you bunch of soft shits.

Twenty years at the heart of the London gangster scene means I am somewhat of a hard bastard and when I want results I get them.

Which is why I’ve been asked to take charge of a struggling secondary school in Hampshire.


The Chugger

The Chugger

“Excuse me. Excuse me.



I only need 2 minutes of your time.

If you give just five pounds a month you can help house underprivileged goats in West Africa…


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